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Euro PM2014 Proceedings: PM Functional Materials

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  • : 2014

This package contains all 12 'PM Functional Materials' papers from the Euro PM2014 Proceedings.


Metal-Supported Palladium Membranes for Hydrogen Separation - M. Haydn, K. Ortner, T. Franco, W. Schafbauer, A. Behrens, B. Dittmar, S. Hummel, M. Sulik, M. Rüttinger, A. Venskutonis, and L.S. Sigl

Thermoelectric Materials for Automotive and Marine Applications - I. Agote, M.A. Lagos, J. Tunbridge, R. Dixon, M. Reece, H. Ning, R. Gilchrist, R. Summers, Y. Gelbstein, K. Simpson, C.Rouaud8, P. Feulner, S. Rivera, R. Torrecillas, M. Husband, J. Crossley I. Robinson, M. Stella and C. Bonfreschi

Production of Aluminum Foam Using Boric Acid as Foaming Agent by Space Holder Technique; Processing Parameters - Neşe Ö. Körpe, İbrahim Çelikyürek, N. Başak Hatırnaz, Dilek Dur

The Mechanical Properties of Al-Mg Alloy Foams Produced by Powder Sintering using Boric Acid H3BO3 as Foaming Agent - İbrahim Çelikyürek,Neşe Ö. Körpe, N. Başak Hatırnaz, Dilek Dur

Sintered Composite Materials on the Basis of Fe/FePO4 Coated Powders - Dudrová Eva, Kabátová Margita, Oriňáková Renáta

Amorphisation of Al80Fe10Ti10 Powder by Wet Mechanical Milling - G. Gherasim, Gy. Thalmaier, N.A. Sechel, S. Suta, P. Pascuta, I.Vida–Simiti

Copper-Alumina Composites Particulate In-situ Reinforced - Radu L.Orban, Dana Salomie, Magdalena Orban, Teofil Lung, Luisa Mitca ( Oprea)

SMCs Fe/( 0.4-2.0 wt.%)SiO2/Polymer Prepared by Vacuum/Pressure Impregnation - Kabátová Margita, Dudrová Eva, Füzer Ján, Füzerová Jana, Kollár Peter

Application of Metallic Powder Materials for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Shielding - Mironovs V., Lapkovskis V., Kolbe М., Zemcenkovs V.

Production of Nanostructured Powders like Permalloy (Supermalloy)/Rhometal Type - Ionel Chicinaş, Traian Florin Marinca, Florin Popa, Bogdan Viorel Neamţu, Viorel Pop, Petru Pascuta

Manufacturing and Microstructure of Porous Metal Supports for a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell - Harald Gschiel, Christian Gierl-Mayer, Herbert Danninger, Per-Olof Larsson, Hilmar Vidarsson

Metal Powder/Fly Ash Cenosphere/Modified Clay, Composite - Shishkin, V. Mironovs, V. Zemchenkov, I. Hussainova

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