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Euro PM2014 Proceedings: Powder Injection Moudling Modelling and Processing

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  • : 2014

This package contains all 11 'Powder Injection Moudling Modelling and Processing' papers from the Euro PM2014 Proceedings.


Powder-Binder Segregation: PIM-Simulation at Breakthrough - Dr.-Ing. Marco Thornagel; Vanessa Schwittay, B.Sc, Götz Hartmann

Modelling of Rheological Behaviour of 316L Feedstocks with Different Powder Loadings and Binder Compositions - Christian Kukla, Ivica Duretek, Clemens Holzer

Identification of Rheological Constitutive Model Adapted for Powder Injection Moulding Process - Dimitri Claudel, Thierry Barriere , Jean-Claude Gelin

Development of Fe-Based Soft Magnetic Alloys by Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) - A.Páez-Pavón, A. Jiménez-Morales, T. Santos, L. Quintino, J.M. Torralba

Considerations on the Production of Micro and Precision PIM Parts - Volker Piotter, Elvira Honza, Alexander Klein, Tobias Mueller, Klaus Plewa

Development and Thermo-Physical Characterisation of Polymer/Metallic Powder Mixtures (Feedstocks) for MIM Application - P. Tourneroche, J-C. Gelin, M. Sahli, T. Barrière

Design of New Feedstock Formulations for the Metal Injection Moulding of Duplex Stainless Steel Parts - Ana Romero, Gemma Herranz, Santiago Cano

Behaviour of Feedstocks Reinforced with Nanotubes for Micromanufacturing - T. J. Ferreira, M. T. Vieira

Solid Loading Optimisation of Extremely Irregular Particles - C.Abajo, A.Jiménez-Morales, J.M.Torralba

Dimensional Change of Complex Shape MIM Parts Fabricated by Green Machining and Sintered Joining - Shinya Sakurai, Kazuaki Nishiyabu and Shigeo Tanaka

Comparative Study of Partially Water-Soluble Metal Injection Moulding Feedstock Based on Inconel 718: The Effect of Polyethylene Glycol Molecular Weight on Rheology and Debinding - Eva Hnatkova, Davit Bleyan, Berenika Hausnerova, Andrew Hales, Lukas Jiranek, Fatos Derguti, Iain Todd

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