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Euro PM2015 Proceedings: AM - Superalloys

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  • : 2015

This package contains all 4 'AM - Superalloys' papers from the Euro PM2015 Proceedings.


Towards improved quality and production capacity for Ni based powders for additive manufacturing
Peter Vikner, Miren Sarasola, Rémi Giraud, Charlotte Mayer

Heat treatment and mechanical testing of a selective melted superalloy
Håkan Brodin

Heat treatment optimization of Hastelloy X superalloy produced by Direct Metal Laser Sintering
Giulio Marchese, Sara Biamino, Matteo Pavese, Daniele Ugues, Mariangela Lombardi, Gianfranco Vallillo, Paolo Fino

Energy efficiency of slm fabrication of nickel base superalloys, experimental assessment and comparison to investment casting
Frederic ROYER, Yves Bienvenu

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