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Euro PM2015 Proceedings: Hard Materials - Processing

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  • : 2015

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This package contains all 14 'Hard Materials - Processing' papers from the Euro PM2015 Proceedings.


Superior Cemented Carbides Obtained by Plasma Spraying – Dream or Reality?
Igor Konyashin, Bernd Ries, Daniel Hlawatschek, Daesung Park, Thomas Weirich, Joachim Mayer

Precipitation of intermetallic phases in coarse-grained hardmetals by low-temperature annealing
Walter Lengauer, Sabine Wawrzik, Christoph Buchegger, Henk van den Berg, Klaus Rödiger, Manfred Wolf, Armin Helldörfer

Influence of Laser Preparation on Surface Integrity and Performance of Cermet Cutting Inserts
Bernd Breidenstein, Berend Denkena, Marc-André Dittrich, Benjamin Bergmann

Nanostructured WC-Co hardmetal  as reference material for high hardness range
Tamara Aleksandrov Fabijanić, Željko Alar, Johannes Pötschke    

*KEYNOTE* Effective interface model for design and tailoring of WC-Co microstructures
Anssi Laukkanen, Tom Andersson, Tatu Pinomaa, Merja Sippola, Tomi Lindroos, kenneth holmberg

Metal cutting performance of carbon-free PM tool steels Fe-Co-Mo
Herbert Danninger, Roman Florek, Helmut Ponemayr, Manfred Daxelmueller, Frantisek Simancik, Karol Izdinsky

Enhancement in Microwave Dielectric Properties of (Zn1-xMnx)2TiO4  Ceramics through Post-Sinter Annealing
Sandeep Butee, Ajay Jadhav, Prachi Nalawade    

The role of carbon source in the production of ultrafine and nanocrystalline WC-6Co cemented carbides
Raffaele Gilardi, Luigi Alzati, Raquel de Oro Calderon, Eduard Hryha, Lars Nyborg, Sigurd Berg, Luigi Radicchi

Sintering of nano structural WC with cobalt matrix synthesised from soluble raw materials
Juha Lagerbom, Ulla Kanerva, Marjaana Karhu, Juho Lotta, Erkin Cura, Simo-Pekka Hannula, Erja Turunen

Low-temperature spark plasma sintering of ZrB2 based ultra-high temperature ceramic composites
Xiang Zhang, Xiang Xiong, Ru tie Liu, Yinyu Zhu, Xian Leng, Chong Fang

Formation of carbide segregations in nanoscaled hardmetals
Johannes Pötschke, Markus Mayer, Volkmar Richter    

Effect of WO3 powder particle shape, size and bulk density, on the grain size and grain size distribution of tungsten metal powder
Kiran raj, shivaram G, Ramesh Rao, Rengarajan R   

Presintering of TiCN-TiC-WC-Cr3C2-Ni cermets under H2 or N2-H2 atmospheres
Nieves Rodriguez, Izaskun Iparraguirre, Jose M. Sanchez    

Effect of Sintering Temperature and the Content of Nanoscale Tungsten Carbide on the Mechanical Properties of Polycarbide Based Hard Alloys
Lyudmyla Bodrova, Igor Koval, Halyna Kramar, Olena Mul   



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