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Euro PM2015 Proceedings: HM - Modelling and Characterisation

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  • : 2015

This package contains all 6 'HM - Modelling and Characterisation' papers from the Euro PM2015 Proceedings.


Influence of the diamond size and diamond distribution on the wear behavior of sintered diamond-metal composites during the machining of reinforced concrete - Investigations by computer tomography and statistical evaluations
Wolfgang Tillmann, Dirk Biermann, Claus Weihs, Manuel Pinho Ferreira, Michael Kansteiner, Swetlana Herbrandt, Jens Nellesen

Phase field analysis of solidification structures and interface composition in WC-Co hard metals
Tatu Pinomaa, Nana Ofori-Opoku, Sebastian Gurevich, Anssi Laukkanen, Nikolas Provatas

Effect of the dispersity of cubic phase on the microstructure and mechanical properties of ultra-fine WC–10Co based cemented carbides
Na Li, Weibin Zhang, Yong Du, Yingbiao Peng

Strength degradation of cemented carbides due to thermal shock
Jose María Tarragó, Selassie Dorvlo, Ihsan Al-Dawery, Luis Llanes

Effect of carbide phase and binder chemical composition on surface fatigue of carbide composites
Mihhail Petrov, Fjodor Sergejev, Jakob Kübarsepp, Mart Viljus

Effects of WC grain size and aggressive medium on electrochemical corrosion behaviors of WC–Co cemented
Li Zhang, Bai-yun Huang, Zu-ming Liu, Qing-lei Wan

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