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Euro PM2015 Proceedings: PIM - Advanced Materials and Applications

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  • : 2015

This package contains all 10 'PIM - Advanced Materials and Applications' papers from the Euro PM2015 Proceedings.


*KEYNOTE* Metal Injection Moulding of Nickel-Based Superalloy CM247LC
Andreas Meyer, Enrico Daenicke, Katharina Horke, Maria Moor, Sieglinde Müller, Ingolf Langer, Robert F. Singer

A Study of the Influence of Niobium on Sintering and Properties of MIM 440C stainless steel manufactured by Prealloy and Master Alloy Routes
Keith Murray, Martin Kearns, Paul Davies, Viacheslav Ryabinin, Erainy Gonzalez  

Corrosion characterization of Co-Cr-Mo alloy produced by MIM
Barbara Bellon, Gemma Herranz, Ana Romero    

Feedstock optimization for Metal Injection Molding (MIM) of Fe-Si soft magnetic materials
Alicia Paez, Antonia Jimenez, Jose Manuel Torralba    

Feedstock Properties in Ceramic Injection Molding Design
Sundar Atre, Kunal Kate, Mark Winseck, Ravi Enneti   

Interstitial effects during sintering of injection moulded Al base alloys
Julijana Kuzmanovic, Christian Gierl-Mayer, Herbert Danninger, Andreas Nenning, Armineh Avakemian  

Metal injection moulding of heat and wear resistant alloy DIN1.4091
Wei Wang, Jiupeng Song, Yang Yu, Mingliang Ouyang, Daoxin Ye, Zhigang Zhuang

New Titanium alloy feedstock for high performance MIM
Toby Tingskog, Frederic Larouche, Louis-Philippe Lefebvre    

Nickel-free P558 austenitic steel parts processed from metal powder – PHA biopolymer feedstocks
Efrain Carreño-Morelli, Manfred Zinn, Mikel Rodriguez-Arbaizar, Monica Bassas Galia   

Sintering Aids for SiC PIM
Sundar Atre, Richard Chinn, Ravi Enneti, TS Sudarshan

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