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Euro PM2015 Proceedings: Process Improvements by HIP

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  • : 2015

This package contains all 6 'Process Improvements by HIP' papers from the Euro PM2015 Proceedings.


*KEYNOTE* Densifying and hardening of martensitic steel powders in HIP units providing high cooling rates
Anna Weddeling, Nils Wulbieter, Werner Theisen    

A combined model to simulate the powder densification during HIP
Chung Nguyen Van, Alexander Bezold, Christoph Broeckmann    

Fe base ferritic alloys with ultra-high strength consolidated via hot equal channel angular extrusion
Hasan Kotan, Kris Darling, Ahmet Burçin BATIBAY    

New method for high density PM parts
Anders Flodin, Michael Andersson, Artur Miedzinski    

Production of Powder Steels by Hot Forging in the Presence of Liquid Phase of Chromium Cast Iron Fusion
Vladimir Dorofeyev, Yury Dorofeyev, Alexander Babets, Tatyana Goncharova, Roman Vodolazhenko  

The role of HIP parameters on the formation of the microstructure in Nb-alloyed tool steels
Anna Weddeling, Stephan Huth, Werner Theisen    

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