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Euro PM2015 Proceedings: Sintering

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  • : 2015

This package contains all 17 'Sintering' papers from the Euro PM2015 Proceedings.


Carbon reactions at sintering of chromium alloyed PM steels
Hans Magnusson, Dimitris Chasoglou, Ola Bergman, Karin Frisk   

Comparing in-situ deflection behavior during sintering of alloyed Powder Compact Beams of Cu28Zn and Cu10Sn10Pb
Maziyar Azadbeh, Herbert Danninger, Mehrdad Mousapour, Ahad Mohammadzadeh, Christian Gierl-Mayer  

Comparison between conventional and unconventional methods of sintering Inconel 718 MIM samples
olivier dugauguez, Frederic Bernard, Jose Manuel Torralba, Thierry Barriere, Jean-Claude Gelin  

Effect of Sintering Parameters on Zinc Loss in Prealloyed Alpha Brass Powder Compacts
Maziyar Azadbeh, Ahad Mohammadzadeh, Herbert Danninger, Christian Gierl   

Electrical pulse sintering and conventional vacuum sintering of permeable materials from non-spherical and spherical titanium powders
Evgeny Grigoryev, Oleg Kuznechik, Vadim Savich, Alexander Taraykovich   

Evgeny Grigoryev, Eugene Olevsky, Artem Yudin    

Improved sintering of Fe-Cu-C PM steels
Shandra Sainz, Cristina Bilbao, Angela Veiga, Francisco Castro   

Microwave sintering of Fe-MgO composite
Radovan Bures, Mária Fáberova, Pavel Kurek, Magdalena Streckova, Samuel Dobak, Frantisek Onderko

Monitoring temperature for dimensional control
Thomas McInnerney      

Optimizing liquid phase sintering through the master alloy route: focus on liquid-solid interactions
Elena Bernardo, Monica Campos, Jose M. Torralba    

Optimizing the Effective Parameters of Copper Infiltration in Powder Metallurgy Valve Seat Inserts
Mohammad Behnam, Soghra Yousefli, Mahnaz Mehdizadeh Lima    

Reduction of oxidised steel compacts during the sintering process
Christian Gierl-Mayer, Thomas Stepan, Jie Sun, Herbert Danninger   

Sintering atmospheres effects on newly developed low-alloy manganese steel powders for structural applications
Matteo Zanon, Ilaria Rampin, Alessandro Breda, Sandra Bueno   

The base material: a key factor in sinter-brazing
Andrea Galán-Salazar, Mónica Campos, José Manuel Torralba    

The Challenge of Sintering Steels with New Alloying Compositions
Raquel de Oro Calderon, Christian Gierl, Herbert Danninger    

The sintering behaviour of electrolytic and water-atomized copper powders
Matteo Zanon, Francesco Bortolotti, Ilaria Rampin, Alessandro Breda   

Wetting behavior and sinter-brazing
Andrea Galán-Salazar, Mónica Campos, José Manuel Torralba, Elena Bernardo   

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