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World PM2010 Proceedings: Non Ferrous PM Materials

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  • : 2010

World PM2010 Congress Technical Presentations on Non Ferrous PM Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

Effect of Si and Cr Content on the High Temperature Oxidation Resistance of Aluminide Coatings on Ti Obtained by Microwave Assisted SHS of Metallic Powders Mixture
P. Veronesi, R. Rosa, G. Poli, A. Casagrande, I. Boromei

Ti-Al Intermetallic Compounds Obtained by Thermal Annealing of Cold spray Coatings
Trentin, A, Rech, S; Stoyanova, V1; Vezzù, S , Zanon, G P

Effect of Powder Features in the Production of Gamma-TiAl Alloy Components by Electron Beam Melting
S. Biamino, A. Penna, M. Pavese, S. Marchisio, U. Ackelid, P. Fino, S. Sabbadini, F. Pelissero, P. Gennaro, C. Badini

High Performance Friction Materials Employing Refractory Metal Additions
Mark Assel

The Sliding Wear Behaviors of Cu Reinforced with Ni3Al
Ibrahim Çelikyürek, Neşe Ö. Körpe, Tuğba Ölçer, Remzi Gürler

Porous Fe40Al Materials for Self-Lubricating Bearings
Tomasz Durejko, Stanisław Lipiński, Bolesław Giemza

The Influence of Loading Mode Change During Sintering Process on Mechanical Properties of FeAl Intermetallics Final Products
Stanisław Jóźwiak, Krzysztof Karczewski, Zbigniew Bojar

Physical Properties of Cu Reinforced with Ni3Al
Neşe Ö. Körpe, Ibrahim Çelikyürek, Tuğba Ölçer, Remzi Gürler

The Effect of Dıfferent Kınds of Fıbers on the Mechanıcal and Trıbologıcal Propertıes of Frıctıon Materıals
Bülent Öztürk, Fazlı Arslan, Sultan Öztürk

Effect of the Preparation Methods of NiAl Powders on the Structure and Properties of NiAl Alloys and NiAl-Y2O3composites
Skachkhov O.A., Povarova K.B., Drozdov A.A., Makarevich O.N., Morozov A.E.

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