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World PM2010 Proceedings: PM Biomaterials

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  • : 2010

World PM2010 Congress Technical Presentations on PM Biomaterials.

This download contains the following papers:

PM Biomaterials from Clinical Perspective
E.J.van Langelaan, MD, PhD,

Powdermetallurgical Production and Biomedical Application of Porous Ti Implants
M. Bram, M. Köhl, A. P. Cysne Barbosa, H. Schiefer, H. P. Buchkremer, D. Stöver

Development of Porous Titanium Coatings for Dental and Orthopaedic Implants
Braem, A., Mattheys, T., Chaudhari, A., Neirinck, B., Schrooten, J., Van der Biest, O., Duyck, J. and Vleugels J.

New Sintering Processing Route for Ceramic Biocomposites Based on Hydroxyapatite Nanopowders for Hard Tissue Grafting
Oana Gingu, Pascu Ileana, Nicoleta Lupu, Petre Rotaru, Ana Harabor, Adrian Olei, Gabriela Sima, Jose Calderon Moreno

Research Regarding the Use of Advanced Biomaterials Based on Titanium for Applications in Medical Robotics
Violeta Cristina C. Dumitru, Sorin N. Dumitru

Powder Injection Moulding for Processing of Metallic and Hydroxyapatite Based Implant Materials
Dr. Philipp Imgrund, Dr. Sebastian Hein, Janne Haack

Metallographic Investigation of Nitride Formation During Sintering of Cr-Mo-C-Steels in Nitrogen
T.Mattheys, A. Braem, B. Neirinck, O. Van der Biest and J. Vleugels

Characterization of Ti Alloys Scaffolds in PM
C. Tojal, J. Devaud, J. A. Calero, D. Busquets-Mataix, V. Amigó

Effects of Microporous Ti6Al7Nb Surfaces on the In Vitro Bone Cells Response
B.S. Necula, L.E. Fratila-Apachitei, H. van Leeuwen. Apachitei, J. Duszczyk

Iron Based Cellular Metals For Degradable Synthetic Bone Replacement
Peter Quadbeck, Ralf Hauser, Kerstin Kümmel, Gisela Standke, Günter Stephani, Berthold Nies, Sophie Rößler, Bernd Wegener

Sintering of Porous Components from Ternary Mg-Y-Ca Alloys for Orthopaedic Applications
M. Wolff , J. Fischer , B. Wiese, T. Guelck, R. Willumeit, T. Ebel

Porous Titanium Coatings by Fugitive Salt Method, Elke Fuchs, Andreas Rosin
Eva-Maria Weiß, Andrea Stingl, Monika Willert-Porada

Effect of Mechanical Alloying on Structure and Properties of Sintered Ti-Mo-Nb Implant Alloys
Piotr Deptuła, Jan R. Dąbrowski

Study about the Quality of Ceramic Biocomposites HAP/Ti Obtained by Two Steps Sintering (TSS) Route
D.Sc.Eng. Cristina Ileana Pascu ,D.Sc.Eng. Oana Gingu, D.Sc. Eng. Petre Rotaru, D.Sc.Eng. Gabriela Sima

Micro MIM Process Development for Regular Surface Patterned Titanium Bone Implant Materials
Friederici, Vera; Bruinink, Arie; Imgrund, Philipp; Seefried, Selina

Influence of Shot Peening on Tensile and High Cycle Fatigue Properties of Ti6Al4V Alloy Produced by MIM
P. V. Muterlle, A. Molinari, M. Perina, P. Marconi

MIM Fabrication of Porous Ti-6Al-4V Components for Biomedical Application
T. Ebel, H. Akaichi, O.M. Ferri1, M. Dahms

Biomedical Ti–6Al–7Nb Titanium Alloy Produced by P/M Techniques
L. Bolzoni, P.G. Esteban, E.M. Ruiz–Navas, E. Gordo

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