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World PM2010 Proceedings: PM Lightweight and Porous Materials

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  • : 2010

World PM2010 Congress Technical Presentations on PM Lightweight and Porous Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

Porous Ti Alloy Produced by Space Holding and Powder Sintering
Peng Cao and Yuehui He

Scalmalloy® = A Unique High Strength AlMgSc Type Material Concept Processed by Innovative Technologies for Aerospace Applications
Frank Palm, Ronny Leuschner, Thomas Schubert, Bernd Kieback

Compressibility Analysis of Al-Mg-Si-Cu and Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-Sn Aluminium Alloys
Jana Bidulská, Róbert Bidulský, Marco Actis Grande

Tin influence on Sintering of Prealloyed and Premixed Al-Cu Powders
E.M. Ruiz–Navas, M.L Delgado, E. Gordo

Warm Compacting and Liquid-Phase Sintering of Premixed Al-Cu Alloy
I.J. Juliano, D.J. Abreu, J.B. Fogagnolo

Innovative Consolidation of Titanium and Titanium Alloy Powders by Direct Rolling
G. M. D. Cantin, P.L. Kean, N. A. Stone, R. Wilson, M. A. Gibson, D. Ritchie and R. Rajakumar

Interstitials Sources and Control in Titanium P/M Processes
E.Baril, L.P.Lefebvre, Y.Thomas

Harmonic Microstructure Control of PM Materials with Outstanding Mechanical Properties
Tatsuya Sekiguchi, Hiroshi Fujiwara, and Kei Ameyama

Investigation on Microstructural Change in a Laser Cladding of TiB-Ti Powders
I. Angarita, V. Amigó, J. J. Candel, J. A. Ramos , D.Busquets

Friction and Wear Behaviour of TiC/Ti6Al4V Laser Cladding Composite Layers
J. J. Candel, V. Amigo, I. Angarita, J.A. Sampedro, D. Busquets

Direct Sintering of TiH2 – A New Approach for Powder Metallurgy Titanium
Pei Sun, Hongtao Wang, Michael Lefler, Z. Zak Fang, Ting Lei, Shuming Fang, Weiping Tian, and Hao Li

Advantages of a Wet Process for the Productionof Ti Matrix Composite Reinforced with Carbon Nano Materials by Powder Metallurgy Route
Thotsaphon Threrujirapapong, Katsuyoshi Kondoh, Hisashi Imai, Junko Umeda, Bunshi Fugetsu

Mechanical Properties of PM Magnesium AZ91 Alloy Obtained by Spark Plasma Sintering and Extrusion
José M. Torralba, Anais Gallego, J. Jon Molina-Aldareguía, Ana P. G. Nogueira, Giovanni Strafellini

Wettability Evaluation of Pure Ti by Molten Mg Alloy Droplet for Materials Design of PM Mg Composite Alloy Reinforced With Ti Particles
Nozomi Nakanishi, Rei Takei, Hisashi Imai and Katsuyoshi Kondoh

The Study of Sintering Behaviour in Hypoeutectic Al-Si Alloys
A.D. Poole, I.T.H Chang, A.J. Lewington and T. Hirst

Advanced High-Strength Nanostructured Al-Mg Alloys Produced by New Rapid Solidification Technology
O.D.Neikov, Yu.V.Milman, A.I.Sirko, R.K.Ivashchenko, N.P.Zakharova

On Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of Alumix 431 via Synchronic Effects of Sintering and Heat Treatment
Maziyar Azadbeh, Zahra Allafe Razzaghi

Effect of Alloying by Sc, Zr and Cr on the Microstructure and Thermal Stability of Al-Mg Alloys
P.B.Rabin, G.I.Vasilieva, V.G.Tokchtuev, N.G.Chaykina, O.D.Neikov

Effect of Processing Conditions on Hypereutectic Aluminum-Silicon P/M Alloys
S S Su, I T H Chang

Development of Hypereutectic Al-Si based P/M Alloy
S S Su, I T H Chang

Sintering of Aluminium with Nitrided Iron Powder Addition
Tadeusz Pieczonka, Jan Kazior, Marek Hebda

Al-AlN Composites Consolidated From Partially Nitrided Aluminium Alloy Powders By Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP)
Peng Yu, Colleen Bettles, G.B. Schaffer and Ma Qian

An Investigation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Matrix Composites Reinforced with B4C Particulates Manufactured by Powder Metallurgy Method

Effect of the Interfacial Phases on the Mechanical Properties of Al/SiC(Ni)p Composites
Judit PÁZMÁN, Viktor MÁDAI, József TÓTh, Zoltán GÁCSI

Cellular Metals for Functional Applications – an Overview
Günter Stephani, Olaf Andersen, Peter Quadbeck and Bernd Kieback

Properties of High Porosity Stainless Steel Foams Produced from Powder
T. Shimizu, K. Matsuzaki, K. Kikuchi and N. Kanetake

A New PM Process For Manufacturing Of Alloyed Foams For High Temperature Applications
G. Walther, B. Klöden, B. Kieback, R. Poss, Y. Bienvenu, J.-D. Bartout

Effect of Foaming Duration and Temperature on the Foamability Behaviour of AlSi7Mg0.6 Sandwich
Hanifi CINICI and Mehmet TURKER

Investigation of PM Parameters' Effect on Architecture of Titanium Foams Using X-Ray Microtomography
Nihan Tuncer, Eric Maire, Luc Salvo, Gursoy Arslan

Preparation and Compressive Behavior of Porous Titanium Prepared by Space Holder Sintering Process
Changshu Xiang, Yan Zhang, Zengfeng Li, Hanliang Zhang, Yuanping Huang, and Huiping Tang

Foamability Tests of PM Aluminium Precursors with Direct Solar Concentrated Energy
LEG Cambronero, I Cañadas, C. Martinez, JJ Diaz, D. Martinez

Experimental Comparative Study on the Operational Performance of Loop Heat Pipes with Powder Metallurgy Nickel and Stainless Steel Porous Wick Material
J. Corrochano, A. Kulakov, A. Radkov, D. Mishkinis and A. Torres

Production of Sandwich Foam by Using Diffusion Welding Technique
Hanifi Çinici, Ersin Bahçeci, Hakan Ates, Mehmet Turker

Tribological Properties of Sulfide Dispersed Pb-Free Copper Alloy
Yoshimasa HIRAI, Tomohiro SATO, Toru MARUYAMA and Takeshi KOBAYASHI

Submicrometer Pore Size Multilayer Ceramic Membrane Filters
P.A. Vityaz, A.F. Ilyuschenko, L.P. Pilinevich, O.A. Prokhorov, V.M. Schelekhina

Preliminary Research on Bi-Porous Metallic Foams from Ni-Based Metal Alloy Powders
N. Jumate, I. Vida-Simiti, Gy. Thalmaier, E. Bruj, D. Nemes

Strength Improvement of Porous Materials Out of Sponge Titanium Powders
V.V. Savich, L.P. Pilinevich, M.V. Tumilovich, A.M. Taraykovicha

Study on the Character of Porous Metal Fibers
Huiping Tang, Cheng Li, Qingbo Ao, Hao Zhi, Zhengping Xi

Metallic Membranes with Gradual Porous Structure Obtained by Powder Sedimentation
Ioan Vida-Simiti, Nicolaie Jumate, Gyorgy Thalmaier, Niculina Sechel, Valentin Moldovan

Numerical Simulation of Turbine Blade Repairing by LRF Process
Jia Wenpeng ,Tong Huiping ,He Weiwei, Liu Haiyan, Huang Weidong

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