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World PM2010 Proceedings: PM Tool Materials

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  • : 2010

World PM2010 Congress Technical Presentations on PM Tool Materials.

This download contains the following papers:

High Density Tungsten Powder Filled Polymer
Dov Chaiat

Investigation of Hardening Mechanisms in Powder-Metallurgical Molybdenum Alloys
T. Mrotzek, I. Wesemann, A. Hoffmann, U. Martin

Self-Passivating Tungsten Alloys
Thomas Weissgaerber, Burghardt Kloeden, Bernd Kieback

Microstructure Characteristics in Fine-Grained 93W-4.9Ni-2.1Fe with Trace Yttrium Addition after Uniaxial Dynamic Compression
Jinglian Fan, Xing Gong, Tao Liu, Baiyun Huang, Jiamin Tian

New FeCrVC PTA Powder Alloys for Protection Against Complex Wear Stresses and Corrosion
Chiara Andrianopoli, Andreas Gebert , Belkacem Bouaifi

Effect of Particle Size on Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Composites Powders Coated with Metal

Effects of Grain Refinement and Trace Yttrium Addition on the Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Tungsten Heavy Alloys
X. Gong, J. L. Fan, B. Y. Huang, T Liu, J. M. Tian

Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Powder Metallurgy Molybdenum 41% and 47.5% Rhenium as Hot Isostatic Pressed and Rotary Swaged
Todd Leonhardt and James Ciulik

Powder Fabrication Role in the Sintering and Properties of Tungsten-Copper Alloys
Randall M. German, Wei Li, Sayed Moustafa, Z. Abdel-Hamid, Walid M. Daoush, Aditya Bothate, Ridvan Yamanoglu, Eugene Olevsky

Effect of Substrates on the Microstructure of Thermally Sprayed WC-4.88 wt% Co Coatings
O.P. Oladijo, A.M. Venter L.A. Cornish N. Sacks and S. Shrivastava

Effect of Electrodeposition Parameters on Apparent Density of Sn-Bronze Powders Using Response Surface Methodology
Gökhan Orhan, Gizem Güzey Gezgin

Characterization of Oxidation Protective Layers for Molybdenum by X-Ray Analysis and Electron Back-Scatter Diffraction
H. Traxler, R. Jörg, M. Müller, P. Rödhammer, L.S. Sigl

On the Properties of the Tungsten Welding Electrode - HWCYL20
F. M. Yang, Z.G. Zhuang, A. L. Zheng, Z. W. Lai, Y. Yu

Low Temperature Processing of TiMoCN-Ni Cermets: Solid vs Liquid Phase Sintering
N. Rodriguez and J.M. Sanchez

Influence of Matrix Composition on the Sinterability and Properties of Fe-Based Cermets Reinforced with TiCN Particles
P. Alvaredo, E. Gordo, S. Tsipas, E. Ruiz-Navas

Effect of Submicron Ti(C,N) on the Microstructure and the Mechanical Properties of Ti(C,N)-Based Cermets
A. Demoly, C. Veitsch, W. Lengauer, K. Rabitsch

Effects of Manganese on the Properties of Mo2NiB2 Boride Base Cermets
Ken-ichi Takagi, Yusuke Shiota, Ai Momozawa, Takuya Fujima

Effect of Nano WC Alloying Additions on the Structure Formation of TiC-5VC-18NiCr Cermets
Bodrova L.G., Kramar G.M., Mul O.V., Koval I.V., Sushynskiy V.I.

Pulsed Electric Current Sintering of TiC-Ultimet Powders and Effect of Binder Content on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
M. E. Cura, R. Ritasalo, U. Kanerva, J. Syrén, J. Oksanen, J. Lotta, T. Suhonen, J. Lagerbom, O. Söderberg, E. Turunen, S-P. Hannula

Synthesis and Characterization of Bimetallic Cobalt and Molybdenum Carbide
Camila Pacelly Brandão de Araújo, Carlson Pereira de Souza, João Fernandes de Sousa, Francisco de Assis Oliveira Fontes

Fe-Base Composites for Plastic Processing: Future Potentials of Novel Material Concepts
Sebastian Weber, Horst Hill, Werner Theisen, Andre van Bennekom, Helmut Meyer

Novel Iron-Base Nickel Containing PM Alloys for the Manufacture of Diamond-Impregnated Tools
Janusz Konstanty, Thomas F. Stephenson

Fabrication of Complex Shaped Diamond Tools via Powder Injection Moulding
L. Risso, S. Bernieri

Characterization of Diamond Tool Metallic Bonds Obtained from Prealloyed Powders by Free Sintering
N. Vielma, C. Luno-Bilbao, A. Mancisidor, J.M. Sanchez and I. Iturriza

Comparison of Different Metal Matrix Systems for Diamond Tools Fabricated by New Current Induced Short-Time Sintering Processes
W. Tillmann, C. Kronholz, M. Ferreira, A. Knote , W. Theisen , P. Schütte, J. Schmidta

Mechanical Properties of the Hot Pressed Cu-25%wtFe-25%wtCo Alloy
Hellen Cristine Prata de Oliveira; Stênio Cavalier Cabral; Renan Silva Guimarães; Mariana, Soares de Freitas; Marcello Filgueira

Cutting Force in Stone Lapping by Sintered Diamond Wheel
AS. Turchetta

Spark Plasma Sintering Of Diamond Impregnated Wire Saw Beads
J. Schmidt, A. Knote, M. Armbrüster, Th. Weißgärber, B. Kieback

A Study of the Use of Encapsulated Diamond in Saw-blades for the Cutting of Stone
David Egan, Cormac Lee, Seamus Melody

Erosive Wear Model of Diamond Impregnated Cobalt Metal
James D. Dwan

Integrity and Wear of Diamond Composite Coated Carbide Tools
J. N. Boland, X. S. Li, R. Rassool, S. Elbracht, C. MacRae and N. Wilson

Processing and Mechanical Characterization of WC – ZrO2 – Ni Hybrids
Irina Hussainova, Lauri Kollo, Anton Smirnov, Mart Viljus

Tool Ceramics Based on Nanosized Si3N4 Powders
V Rumyantsev, A.Osmakov, N.Korableva, N.Belykh, S.Agafonov, S. Ordanyan, V.Fishev, L.Stafeckis

Mechanical Disintegration of Al-W-B Waste Material
A.Shishkin, V.Mironov, D.Goljandin, V.Lapkovsky

Performance of Tool Steels Strengthened by PVD Coatings
Heinrich Klaasen, Jakob Kübarsepp, Aleksei Tšinjan, Eron Adoberg, Vello Vainola

Binder Phase Morphology in WC-Co Hard Metals
Jessica Marshall and Gary Sweetman

Characterisation of Alternative Binder Phase Hardmetals by Electrical Resistivity and EBSD
K.P.Mingard and B.Roebuck

Binder Phase Analysis for Property Improvement of WC-Co and WC-TiC-(Ta,Nb)C-Co Hardmetals
W. Lengauer, M. Bohn, R. Hochenauer, L. Lauter

Surface Modification Approaches for Enhancing Fracture and Fatigue Resistance of Electrical Discharge Machined Hardmetals
L. Llanes, B. Casas, Y. Torres and M. Anglada

Cubic BN-Modified Cemented Carbides for Tool Applications
D. Fedorov, V. Rumyantsev, N. Radtsig, A. Osmakov, O.Semenov, S.Ordanyan

Effect of Cr2C3 /VC Addition on Sliding Wear Resistance of WC-Co Composites Obtained from Nanocrystalline Powders and Consolidated by Two Sintering Processes
L. Espinosa, V. Bonache, M. D. Salvador, D. Busquets

Near-Nano and Nano WC-Co Hardmetals: Will They Substitute Conventional Coarse-Grained Grades?
I.Konyashin, B.Ries, F.Lachmann

Effect of Alloy Element on the Mechanical Properties of WC-Ni Hard Metal
Tae-Hoon Kang, Gil-Guen Lee, Ki-Hwan Jang, Chan-Young Kim and Ki-Yeol Kim

Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured Hardmetals of WC-Co/Ti/Ti-Co
Jeuziane Duarte Lamim; Hellen Cristine Prata de Oliveira; Adriano Correa Batista; Renan Silva Guimarães; Marcello Filgueira

Fine Grained Cemented Carbides - an Update
Leo J. Prakash

Fabrication of Composite Structural Material of Cemented Carbides and Cermets
Tomoyuki Ishida, Hideki Moriguchi, Akihiko Ikegaya

Advanced Cemented Carbides with Enhanced Functional Properties for PM Tooling Applications
L. Frayman, M. Klingensmith, V. Kruzhanov, R. Lindenau

Water Soluble Metal Injection Moulding Feedstock for Hard Metal Applications
Steffen Krug,

Ethanol and Water Processing of Submicron Cemented Carbide Powders
E. Soares, L.F. Malheiros, J. Sacramento, M.A. Valente, F.J. Oliveira

Early Stage of Sintering in Near-Nano WC/Co Hardmetals
Bernhard Caspers, Tino Säuberlich, Markuy

In-situ Formation of WC Alloys by MA and Vacuum Hot Pressing from W-C-Co and W-C-Fe-Al Elemental Powder Mixtures

Formation of Platelet WC in (W,Ti)C-Co Cermets
H. M. Nam, J. H. Lim and S. Kang

The Influence of Mill Type and Milling Conditions on the Homogeneity of Ready-to-Press Powders
Volkmar Richter, Roland Holke

Sintered Properties of Cemented Carbides Manufactured with Different Binder Alloys
Manfred Wolf, Armin Helldörfer, Dieter Schmidt

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