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World PM2010 Proceedings: Powder Pressing

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  • : 2010

World PM2010 Congress Technical Presentations on Powder Pressing.

This download contains the following papers:

Numerical Assessment of Failure-Critical Stress-States in a Powder-Compacted Bi-Material Component
A. Plankensteiner, C. Feist, C. Grohs, K. Huber, L.S. Sigl

Optimisation of Powder Compaction to Improve the Dimensional Characteristics of PM Steel Parts
Ilaria Cristofolini, Melania Pilla, Andrea Rao, Gianluca Pederzini, Alessandro Salemi, Riccardo Crosa, Alberto Molinari

Green Strength Anisotropy of Compacted Iron Powders
A. Tausend, A. Zafari, P. Beiss

The Effect of Granulation on the Compaction of WC-Co Powders
Hélène Fournier, Christophe L. Martin, D. Bouvard

Numerical Analysis of a Metal Hydride Powder Bed Under Swelling Or Lateral Compaction by the Discrete Element Method
B. Charlas, P. Doremus, O. Gillia, D. Imbault

Compressibility of Fe/SiO2 Coated Composite Powders
Andrea Miskova, Eva Dudrova, Helena Brunckova, Maria Faberova, Radovan Bures

Effects of Microstructural Parameters on the Forming Properties of Ceramic Aggregated Powders
P.Pizette, C.L Martin, G.Delette, F.Sans

Cost-Efficient Powder Compacting
Stefan Haltner

Powder Compaction Tooling - Technology to Reduce Cost and Increase Quality
Dietmar Kramer

New Press Type EP with Electrical Servo Drive System
Lutz Lackner

Evaluation of Compressibility of Micro-Composite Systems

Processing of Powder Materials by Pulse Electromagnetic Field
V. Lapkovsky, V. Mironov, V.Zemchenkov, I. Boyko

Solutions for High Density PM Components, Per Knutsson
Karin Olsson, Mats Larsson and Mikael Dahlberg

Use of Binder-Treated Ferrous PM Premixes for Improved PM Part Production and Part Density
Francis Hanejko & William Tambussi

Advanced Lubricants – A Complex Challenge for Powder Metallurgy: Density, Lubricity, Environment
L. Wimbert, K. Dollmeier, V. Kruzhanov, R. Lindenau

Effect of Manufacturing Parameters on DP/DS Process- Production of High Dense Cr-Mo Steels
Amir Kalantari, Maziyar Azadbeh

Consolidation of Elemental Aluminium Powders Using Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP)
N. Harrison & I. T. H. Chang

P/M Technology Overview for New Applications and Tomorrow’s Business
Richard R. Phillips

An Integrated Approach to Optimize the Interaction of Powder Concepts, Tooling and Compaction Aspects in PM Component Manufacturing
Ulf Engström, Klaus Backer, Peter Rauch

Achieving High Density By Single Compaction Of Steel Powder Premixes
Sylvain St-Laurent , Odyssey Wang and Ray Guo, Kevin Zhang and Aileen Cao

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