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World PM2010 Proceedings: Secondary and Finishing

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  • : 2010

World PM2010 Congress Technical Presentations on Secondary and Finishing.

This download contains the following papers:

Machinability of P/M Parts – Effect of Machining Additives and Processing
Heron A. Rodrigues, Ryuichiro Goto, Michael Folliard, Chris Myers and Melanie Saucier

Improved Machinability by Selection of PM Materials, Additives and Tool Materials
Olof Andersson, Mats Larsson, Bo Hu

Sinter Brazing of Ferrous Parts with Disappearing Joint
H.Danninger, J.M.Garmendia Gutierrez, R.Ratzi, J.Seyrkammer

Solutions in PM Gear Rolling
Fritz Klocke, Christof Gorgels, Eva Gräser, Philipp Kauffmann, Peter Strehmel, Michael Hirsch

Shot-Peening, at Different Intensity, of High-Property PM Steels: Stress State, Microhardness and Roughness Changes at Different Density
G. F. Bocchini, A. Canali, R. Gerosa, M.R. Pinasco, B. Rivolta, M. Viganò

Micromachining of Powder Injection Molded Parts Using Ns UV Laser
Dong-Yong Park, Dae-Hwan Ahn, Dongsik Kim, Seong Jin Park and Young-Sam Kwon

Study on the Mechanical Properties and Wear Resistance of Surface Dense Sinter Steel by Cold Sizing
Chao-Hsu Cheng, Ken Chiu and Andy Wei

Improvement of Surface Roughness of Micro Parts Using Ultrasonic Wave
Wonsik Lee, Se-Hyun Ko, Jin Man Jang and Jung-Sik Seo

Residual Stress and Corrosion Resistance of Aluminium Coatings Deposited by Cold Spray
Silvano Rech, Andrea Trentin, Simone Vezzù

Green Machining of High - Green-Strength Mixtures for Various Processes
Hironori Suzuki and Takayasu Fujiura

Optimization of the Machinability of Powder Extruded Al-SiC MM Composite Using ANN Analysis and Genetic Algorithm
R. Yousefi, M. Shafiee Motahar and H.Faghani, M. Boroushaki

Microstructural Improvement of Low Pressure Carburized Low Alloy Sintered Steels
E. Santuliana, A. Molinari

Porosity Effects in Low Pressure Carburizing of Sintered Steels
M.Dlapka, C.Gierl, H.Danninger, H.Altena, G.Stetina, P.Orth

Improvement of PM Duplex SS Corrosion Behaviour by Postsintered Heat Treatment
C. García, F. Martín, Y. Blanco

Recrystallization Studies of Activation Energy for Al-Mg-Zr Alloys Produced by P/M
Buso, S.J, Almeida Filho, A., Monteiro, W.A.

Coating of High-Speed Steel Surface by Electrical Explosion of Contact
E.G. Grigoryev

Carbonitriding Treatment Applied To PIM Elaborated Parts
T.Marray, P.Jacquet, D.Checoti, A.Fabre

Joining of Powder Metallurgy Products to Metals
Mehdi Mazar Atabaki

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