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World PM2010 Proceedings: Sintering

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  • : 2010

World PM2010 Congress Technical Presentations on Sintering.

This download contains the following papers:

Surface Interactions During Sintering of Chromium-alloyed PM Steels in Different Atmospheres
D.Chasoglou, E.Hryha, L. Nyborg

Nitrogen Pickup During Sintering and Subsequent Cooling of Chromium Alloyed PM Steels
Magdalena Dlapka, Christian Gierl, Herbert Danninger, Sven Bengtsson, Eva Dudrova

Investigation of Silicon Alloyed Astaloy CrL Mixture Powders by Thermal Analysis
M. Hebda, J. Kaziorx, A. Molinari

Investigation the Effect of Atmosphere on the Pores of Sintered Astaloy CrM Steel
A. Haerin Ardakani, M. Makarem, M. Haddad Sabzevar

Development of a High Speed Steel Vane with Sinter Hardening Technology in a Vacuum Furnace
Keiichi Uemoto, Nobuya Amano, Naoki Motooka, Hironori Shioiri

Investigation of Particle Rearrangement During Solid State Sintering of Metal Powder by In Situ
Microtomography, L. Olmos, D. Bouvard, C.L. Martin, D. Bellet, M. Di Michiel

Constraining Effect in Presence of Vacancies Flux During Sintering of Biporous Bodies
M. Shtern, V. Skorokhod

Coarsening during Sintering
Randall M. German

Reduction Kinetics of Oxides in PM Steels
P. Ortiz, J.S Peñuela, O. Gamba, S. Moreno

Influence of the Composition and the Tungsten Particle Size on the Sintering of W-Cu Composites
Franciné Alves da Costa, Angelus Giuseppe Pereira da Silva, Francisco Ambrozio Filho, Uílame Umbelino Gomes

Modelling Solid-Gas Interactions During Sintering of PM Steels
P. Ortiz, W. Vargas

Residual Pressure Relaxation After the Powder Coatings Sintering
Sosnovsky I.,Gafo Yu., Sosnovsky A.,

Future Directions in Sintering Research
G.S. Upadhyaya

Net-Shaping by Spark-Plasma Sintering
Eugene Olevsky, Evan Khaleghi, Cristina Garcia, and William Bradbury

Densification Behavior of Molybdenum Composites During Spark Plasma Sintering
R. Ohser-Wiedemann, Ch. Weck, U. Martin, H. J. Seifert, A. Müller

Properties of the AZ91 Mg-alloy Produced by Spark Plasma Sintering
G. Straffelini, A.P. Nogueira, P. Muterlle

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of an Al-Si Alloy Consolidated by Spark Plasma Sintering
Th. Schubert, J. Schmidt, T. Weissgärber, B. Kieback

Consolidation of the Rapidly Solidified High Speed Steel Powders by Electric Discharge Sintering
E.G. Grigoryev

WC-FeMn Composites Produced by Pulse Plasma Sintering Method
Dariusz Siemiaszko, Michał Rakowski, Marcin Rosiński, Andrzej Michalski

Low Temperature Microwave and Vacuum Sintering of Sputter Coated 316L Powders
Armando Inverno; João Mascarenhas; Teresa Vieira

Novel Rapid Discharge Sintering Technique for Damage Free Diamond MMCs
Aidan Breen, Greg Byrne, Barry Twomey and Denis Dowling

Modification of Fe and Al Elemental Powders Sintering with Addition of Magnesium and Magnesium Hydrate
Michał Chojnacki, Stanisław Jóźwiak, Krzysztof Karczewski, Zbigniew Bojar

Densification of Gas Atomized Powders by High Current Electro Discharge Sintering
P. Schütte, H. Moll, W. Theisen

Lubricant Elimination on 304L Stainless Steel Compacts with Solar Concentrated Energy
LEG Cambronero, Cañadas ,J. Ruiz-Iglesias, F.A. Corpas Iglesias, J.M Ruiz Román, D. Martinez

Combustion Synthesis of TiC-ZrC Composite Powder: Role Of Mechanical Activation
L.G. Manaseryan, H.L. Khachatryan,M.A. Hobosyan, S.L. Kharatyan, I. Hussainova

Porous FeAl Intermetallic Sinters Fabricated by Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis from Elemental Iron and Aluminum Powders
Krzysztof Karczewski, Tomasz Durejko, Stanisław Jóźwiak, Zbigniew Bojar

Microwave Sintering Effect on Mechanical Properties of Iron Alloys
I.M.Kusoglu, K.Onel, M.Willert-Porada

SHS Processing of Gamma Titanium Aluminide from Mechano-Activated Elemental Powders
Radu L. Orban, Dana Salomie, Magdalena Orban, Nicolaie Jumate

The Influence of Technological Parameters on the Phase Nucleation During Heating of Iron and Aluminum Powders in Isothermal Conditions
Ewelina Pocheć, Stanislaw Jóźwiak, Krzysztof Karczewski, Zbigniew Bojara

Microwave (MW)-Assisted Combustion Synthesis of Micrometric Metallic Powders for the Preparation of Intermetallic-Based Materials
R. Rosa, P. Veronesi, C. Leonelli and A. B. Corradi

Solar Sintering of Ni-Zn Ferrites: Densification and Magnetic Properties
J. Gutiérrez-López, B. Levenfeld, A. Várez, I. Cañadas, J. Rodríguez

Development of Aluminium Titanate Containing Kiln Furniture for the Sintering of Powder Metals
Dipl.-Ing. Jens Sperber

In-Situ Monitoring of Gas Atmospheres During Debinding and Sintering of PM Steel Components
Peter Quadbeck, Babett Schreyer, Alexander Strauß, Thomas Weißgärber, Bernd Kieback

Sintering Furnaces – Measures for Reduction of Energy Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Emission
R. Kleeberg, D.Geldner

Scanning the Atmosphere of MIM Furnaces
Thomas Hartwig, Renan Schroeder

Influence of Atmosphere on the Sintering Behaviour of High Alloyed Steels During SLPS
Nikolaj Krasokha, Stephan Huth, Kathrin Zumsande, Sebastian Weber, Werner Theisen

Oxide Transformation During Sintering Of Prealloyed Water Atomized Steel Powder
E. Hryha, L. Nyborg

Atmosphere Effects on Liquid Phase Sintering of PM Steels Modified with Master Alloy Additions
Raquel Oro, Mónica Campos, Christian Gierl, Herbert Danninger, José M. Torralba

Distribution of Alloying Elements During Liquid Phase Sintering of Tool Steels
Hans Berns, Anastasia Saltykova

Sinter-Hardening Response of Selected PM Steels after High Temperature Sintering
S. Sainz, A. Karuppannagounder, S. Saccarola, F. Castro

Influence of the Pressure on the Iron Sintering in Hollow Cathode Discharge
Silvio Francisco Brunatto, Aércio Fernando Mendes

Structure of Fe40Al Iron Aluminides Sintered Under Cyclic Loading
Tomasz DUREJKO, Zbigniew BOJAR

Liquid Phase Sintering Optimization in PM Steels by Studying the Wetting Behavior at High Temperature of Master Alloys on Iron Substrates
Raquel Oro, Mónica Campos, Álvaro R. García-Cebadera, José Manuel Torralba

Presureless Sintering of Stainless Steels/Zirconia Composite Layers Usable for Co-Powder Injection Moulding Process
M. Dourandish, A. Simchi, K. Hokamoto

Sintering Processes Of Pb-Free Copper Alloy For Friction Materials
Tomohiro SATO, Yoshimasa HIRAI, Toru MARUYAMA and Takeshi KOBAYASHI

Effect of the Particle Size of Nickel and Aluminium Powders on the Combustion Synthesis of Nickel Aluminides
A. Fuente, J.M. Martín, and F. Castro

Microstructural Evolution of Tungsten/Zirconium & Hafnium Carbides Composites During Consolidation Processes
Youngmoo Kim, Shinhoo Kang, Sung-Soo Ryu, Dong-Ik Cheong

Production of Hard Refractory Compounds on Base of Aluminum and Boron Carbide Powders
L. Kommel, L. Kollo

Microstructure and Properties of TiC Metal Matrix Composite Coatings by Cast Bonding
J. Lagerbom, C. Cingi, T. Ritvonen, P. Lintunen, K. Keskiaho, J. Tiusanen, V. Rauta

Effect of the Particle size of Nickel and Aluminium Powders on the Combustion Synthesis of Nickel Aluminides
A. Fuente, J.M. Martín, and F. Castro

Improving Alumina Wettability by Modification of Copper Alloys Chemical Composition
Katarzyna Pietrzak, Katarzyna Jach, Dariusz Kalinski, Marcin Chmielewski

Synthesis of Ultrafine/Nanocrystalline W-(30~50)Cu Composite Powders and Microstructure Characteristics of the Sintered Alloys
Jinglian Fan, Tao Liu, Xing Gong, Jiamin Tian, Huichao Cheng, Yang Gao

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