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World PM2010 Proceedings: Tools for Improving PM

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  • : 2010

World PM2010 Congress Technical Presentations on Tools for Improving PM.

This download contains the following papers:

Resonant Acoustic Method NDT
Richard W Bono, Mark I Schiefer, Gail R Stultz

SINTEST - Non-Invasive Instrument for Determining the Porosity of Powder Metallurgy Parts
A. Bulkai, J.A. Chávez, M. J. García-Hernández, A. Gironés, J. Salazar, P. Tomek, G. Tóth, A.°Turó

PM Application with Acoustic Resonance Testing
Horst Jonuscheit, Dr. Eberhard Ernst, Roger Kunkelt

Method of Improving Quality Level by Image Processing (Machine Vision)
Tomoharu Katsuta, Tatsuji Yamamoto

Applicability of Theoretical Software to Design New Type of Alloys
P. Shykula, E. Dudrova, R. Frykholm, S. Bengtsson

Thermophysical Properties of Sintered Steels - Effect of Porosity and Composition
Christian Gierl, Mónica Silva Gonzalez, Jürgen Schmidt, Eckehard Specht, Herbert Danninger

Using Property Profiles to Support Early PM Component Design
Roland Stolt

3D Tooth Contact Analysis – Simulation Possibilities for PM Gears
Christian Brecher, Christof Gorgels, Philipp Kauffmann, Tobias Röthlingshöfer

Fabrication of Bimaterial Components by Conventional Powder Metallurgy
A. Thomazic, Y. Le Guennec, Y. Kamdem, C. Pascal, J.M. Chaix, P. Doremus,D. Imbault, D. Bouvard, F. Doré

Compaction Shelf Dies with Conical Shrink-fitting Surface: FEM Analysis of Stress and Deformation Behaviour
E. Armentani, G. F. Bocchini, G. Cricrì, R. Esposito

Inverse Modeling for Parameter Determination when Using Advanced Material Models to Describe Powder Compaction
Daniel Andersson and Per-Lennart Larsson

Modelling of Crack Formation in PM Compaction Processes
J.A. Hernández, J.C.. Cante, J. Oliver

Study of Metal Powders Mechanical Behaviour from Finite-Element Discrete Simulations
Barthelemy Harthong, Didier Imbault, Pierre Doremus

Hardening Cap For Industrial Powders
F.Kalantary, A.R.Kalantari

Density Profiles In Ferrous PM Compacts
G. Schlieper, S. Millot

Improvement of Dimensional Stability of Sinter Hardening Powders Under Production Conditions
Sylvain St-Laurent and Edmond Ilia

Tribological Evaluation of Tool Materials for Powder Compaction
Mikael Olsson and Odd Sandberg

Press-Sinter Simulation Tool and its Applications
Seong Jin Park, Seong-Teak Chung, Young-Sam Kwon, and Randall M. German

Surface Roughness of Sintered Surfaces: Effect of Resin Impregnation and Evaluation by the Cylinder Liner
Method, G. F. Bocchini, A. Canali, D. Damaschino, C. Santambrogio, M. Viganò

Simulation Of Oxygen Reduction In PM-HIP Materials
Karin Frisk, Christer Eggertson, Johannes Gårdstam, Sophie Caddeo

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