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World PM2016 Proceedings: Characterisations and Properties

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  • : 2016

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This package contains all 11 'Characterisations and Properties' papers from the World PM2016 Proceedings.


Multiscale Interface Model For Design Of Nano-microstructures In Hard Materials
Anssi Laukkanen, Tom Andersson, Tatu Pinomaa, Kenneth Holmberg, Antti Paajanen, Tomi Lindroos

EBSD Study Of WC Grain Boundaries In WC-Co Alloys. Effect Of Co Content And Carbon Potential
Maxime Pellan, Sabine Lay, Jean-Michel Missiaen, Susanne Norgren, Jenny Angseryd, Ernesto Coronel, Tomas Persson

The Development And Properties Of Extra Coarse-grained WC-Co Hardmetals
Hongbo Nie, Jianping Zheng, Xinying Guo, Xiao Wen, Yang Yu

Influence Of Carbide Grain Size On The Corrosion Behavior Of WC-Co Cemented Carbides: Electrochemical Measurements, Residual Strength And 3D FIB/FESEM Characterization Of Induced Damage
Jose María Tarragó, Gemma Fargas, Emilio Jiménez-Piqué, Selassie Dorvlo, Luis Llanes

Characterization Of Boron Carbide With The Use Of Nanoindentation
Jose Brant de Campos, Paulo Rodrigues Oliveira, Marcelo H.M. da Costa, Erika A.O. Becerra, Celio Albano Costa, Ricardo Alexandre Lannes

In Situ Scratch Testing Of WC/Co Hardmetals
Mark Gee, John Nunn, Ken Mingard, Bryan Roebuck

Grain Boundary Segregation In Sintered Materials: Effect On Densification And Grain Growth
Sabine Lay, Audrey Guyon, Jean-Marc Chaix, Claude Carry, Johannes Pötschke

Small Scale Mechanical Response Of W(Ti,Ta)C-Co Composites
Daniela Sandoval, Joan Josep Roa Rovira, Jose María Tarragó, J Fair, Luis Llanes

Damage Induced By Thermal Shock In Hardmetals And Cermets
Jose M. Sanchez, Belen Lopez Ezquerra, Nieves Rodriguez, Roberto Martinez, Federico Ibarreta

Indentation-induced Deformation Of Ultracoarse Grain Cemented Carbides
Xuemei Liu, Haibin Wang, Xiaoyan Song, Qiwen Zhang

WC-Co Cemented Carbides With Ultrahigh Fracture Strength
Xiaoyan Song, Xingwei Liu, Haibin Wang, Xuemei Liu, Xilong Wang

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