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Materials Standards for PM Self Lubricating Bearings - 2010 Edition

  • : MPIF
  • : Paperback
  • : 978-0-9819496-3-5
  • : MPIF
  • : 28
  • : 2010

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The MPIF Standard 35, Materials Standards for PM Self-Lubricating Bearings - 2010 Edition provides the design and materials engineer with the latest engineering property data and information available in order to specify materials for self-lubricating bearings made by the PM process.

Developed by the powder metallurgy (PM) commercial parts manufacturing industry, the standard is divided into sections that are clearly distinguished by easy-to-read data tables and explanatory information for each material listed. Detailed explanatory notes and definitions, along with data cited in both Inch-Pound and SI units, help make the standard more "user friendly."

The 2010 Edition contains:

  • NEW Material Section (data property table)
  • Diffusion-Alloyed Iron-Bronze Bearings - FDCT-1802K
  • Revised footnotes for Bronze Bearings and new footnote for the CTG-1004-K10 material
  • Data-table-column heading revisions
  • Data tables now listed in alphabetical order by material system
  • Revised verbiage throughout the standard including a new section in the EXPLANATORY NOTES on Oil Impregnation Efficiency
  • ENGINEERING INFORMATION (Inch-Pound and SI Units)-Verbiage and data table modifications
  • New edition includes a 2-part Index covering displaying alphabetical listings & guides to material systems & designation codes used in MPIF Standard 35
    • Part 1: for the MPIF Standard 35, Materials Standards for PM Self-Lubricating Bearings document
    • Part 2: for the other MPIF Standard 35 publications
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