Dr Sebastian Hein (Fraunhofer Institut - IFAM)


Sebastian Hein studied chemistry at the Leibniz University of Hannover and a doctoral degree in inorganic chemistry. Since 2007 he has worked at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM in Bremen, where he is currently group manager of the group “Functional materials and components”. He is working in the field of material development with a focus on novel functional materials and their shaping technologies on the basis of powder technology (PIM, Extrusion, Additive Manufacturing).

Mr Peter Kjeldsteen (Sintex a/s)


Peter is a M.Sc. Chemical Engineer with an MMT degree. He is our material and process specialist, with expert knowledge on problem solving and new developments.

Together with his team of 6 people, he is the contact for idea generation, development of new materials and processes, test and measurements as well as simulations, calculations and patent applications.

He is currently member of the board in EPMA, Chairman of the ESPG-group under EPMA and chairman of the Danish Magnetic Society. Recent publications has been in the Int. Journal of Pow-der Metallurgy, Powder Metallurgy, Mold Making Technology etc.

What is Functional Material?

Functional materials can be defined in different ways. Mostly, they make use of a distinct physical property they bring into a component, such as magnetism, caloric effects, electronic conductivity, and others. They may also enable manufacturing processes in the form of temporary agents, due to chemical, rheological or other physical behaviors. Whatever the functionality they provide, they are key components with regard to targeted applications. With growing understanding of powder-based processes, the desire to implement functionality into components also increases, making functional materials an important part in current and future applications and developments.

What is the European Functional Material Group (EuroFM)?

The European Functional Material sectoral group was created in 2018. The objective of the group is to promote the interests of EPMA members in the field of Functional Materials. Its objectives are:

  • To increase the awareness of the Functional Material technology.
  • To enable the benefits of joint action, for example through research programmes, workshops, benchmarking and exchange of knowledge.
  • To improve the understanding of the benefits of metal based technology by end users, designers, mechanical engineers, metallurgists and students.

Research & Technology Development

In common with other EPMA sectoral groups the EuroFM will develop a function that identifies markets, drivers and potential solutions on the major issues shaping the future of the sector. From these activities topics for industry led “club” or “collaborative” projects may be derived. These projects will be funded

  • Either as Club projects, directly founded by members on a private basis. Club Projects are small projects scientifically led by a R&D centre or a University and coordinated by the EPMA. These Club Projects are reserved to the EPMA companies, who share the cost of the project. See EPMA Club Projects.
  • As part of EU funded programmes like H2020 program.

Conferences, Workshops and Seminars

There will be regular EuroFM meetings normally linked to the annual Euro PM Congress and to the General Assembly. These meetings are a major networking opportunity as well as a chance to participate in the decision making process of the Group. Special meetings and Workshops will be also organised like Special Interest Seminars or full day(s) Functional Material seminars.

In addition to the above members will of course benefit from the full range of EPMA activities in areas such as Club Projects, REACH legislation, trainings, publications etc.

The Functional Material is an essential networking group which helps the EPMA to promote the PM industry and to set up new ideas of projects, which indicates the trends of the sector to the other working groups and more generally to EPMA members. Every EPMA member is welcome to participate in the Functional Material working group meetings and should contact Bruno Vicenzi – bv@epma.com for further information.