Camshaft Pulleys

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Camshaft Pulleys
Benefit: Cost Saving, Weight Saving
Main Forming Process: Conventional Processing
End Use Sector: Automotive
Material: Ferrous


Pulley: F50 U3 66, Hub: F60 N5U2D 68. Sintered pulleys made from are other another key application area for PM steels and are used for engine management, fuel injection, and for water and oil pumps. Finite element analysis of PM pulleys has enabled designers to reduced the weight of existing PM steel pulleys by up to 40%.


Weight Reduced Belt Pulley One of the most important targets of auto manufacturers is to incorporate weight reduced parts. To fulfil this demand MIBA has created this extreme version of the belt pulley. (30% weight reduction). Used on injection pump drive. Composition: SINT C11(Fe-Cu-C). Density: 6.6g/cm3. Hardness: 110 HB. Indexed Pulley Camshaft pulley driven by timing belt with intergrated distribution adjustment. This system offes economic advantages.

Component Specification

Weight (g): 440g
Product Density: Pulley: 6.6g/cm3 Hub: 6.8/cm3
Hardness (): Pulley: >HRB90 Hub: >HRB 85
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