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Cleanable Filter Disc

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Croft Additive Manufacturing
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Cleanable Filter Disc
Benefit: Cost Saving
Main Forming Process: Additive Manufacturing
End Use Sector: Medical
Material: Stainless Steel


Traditional methods of creating filters often result in gaps between the securing steel ring and the mesh, as well as the weft and warp strands of the woven wire. Known as ‘bugtraps’, these can quickly gather bacteria and dirt. By using additive manufacturing, CAM removed these bugtraps from the design, meaning the filters can be cleaned much more easily, decreasing downtime for the customer, as well as the requirement for replacement parts.


  • No recesses in part compared with conventional woven wire mesh equivalent
  • Less contamination through particulate build up
  • Easier to clean to a high standard, decreasing customer downtime and costs
  • Design size can be easily altered to suit customer needs, including a change in aperture size, without the creation of new toolings

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