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Core and cavity molds for PVC pressure reduction valve

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Core and cavity molds for PVC pressure reduction valve
Benefit: Cost Saving
Main Forming Process: Additive Manufacturing
Material: Stainless Steel


Project to demonstrate the possibilities of AM for improved mold temperature management applied to the core and cavity inserts used in the injection process of a high-quality plastic valve and taking into account injection pressure, cooling cycle and cooling fluid speed. Besides, the previous insert was build out of four individual parts, while employing AM allowed building the core in one part or two parts (conventional manufactured preform + AM).


  • Conformal cooling/heating channels enabling a variotherm mold temperature management (heat&cool) alongside the whole mold surface
  • Less sink marks on plastic parts produced
  • O-ring flatness with good tolerances and reduced welding line
  • Cost efficiency by assembling the AM part on a conventional preform

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