Cosmetic Surgeon Device

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Cosmetic Surgeon Device
Benefit: Cost Saving
Main Forming Process: Metal Injection Moulding
End Use Sector: Medical
Material: Stainless Steel


This component particularly highlights for its complexity of form such as thin walls. The main idea of the customer was to make the part by machining, but after refusing several manufacturers of machining, the customer turned to MIMECRISA to raise production by MIM technology, assuming the costs of making the mould for short production batches.The main difficulties found at the time of development of the part were a correct mould design, especially when ejecting the part from the mold without breaking the most fragile areas of the part. The main advantages obtained by making this part with MIM technology are cost savings respect to manufacture by machining, saving secondary machining and welding operations, and therefore better final mechanical properties. The part is the head of a laser surgery machine.

Component Specification

Weight (g): 69
Density (g/cm3): 7800000
Tensile Strength (MPa): 516
Yield Strength (MPa): 213
Elongation (% strain): 51
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