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Fastener Assembly for Jigsaw

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Fastener Assembly for Jigsaw
Benefit: Increased Component Complexity
Main Forming Process: Metal Injection Moulding
End Use Sector: Consumer Goods, Domestic Tools
Material: Ferrous

Finishing: MIM-Receptor: 1. case hardening, 2. Laser welding to pusher Tube, 3. Coating MIM-Slide: 1. Case hardening, 2. Coating.


The assembly holds a jigsaw blade while the pusher Tube is moved up and down by the jigsaw’s motor. Potential production methods were machining of steel, Al- and Zn-die casting, steel precision casting and MIM.


While machined steel gave the required precision and strength but was too costly. With Zn- and Al-die casting cost was favourable but strength and/or precision was inadequate. Precision casting was able to meet the strength and cost requirements but could not meet the precision requirement. In the end only MIM met all the requirements.

Component Specification

Height (mm): MIM-Slide: case depth 0.5+/-0.1mm
Density (g/cm3): > 7.8
Relative Density (%): MIM-Receptor: > 99%. MIM-Slide: > 99%
Hardness (HV1): MIM-Receptor: 450+/-50, C-content 0.2-0.3%, through hardened. MIM-Slide: 680 +/-70

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