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F1 Roll Hoop

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F1 Roll Hoop
Benefit: Weight Saving
Main Forming Process: Additive Manufacturing
End Use Sector: Automotive
Material: Titanium


The impact structure used to protect the driver in the event of roll over incident is traditionally made by investment casting. In order to meet stringent weight targets, material needs to be removed from low stressed regions. AM has the advantage of being able to produce these complex designs with a very short lead time. This novel design was produced by Dash-CAE and manufactured at the University of Sheffield’s Mercury Centre. The part had to be sectioned such that it could fit within the build envelope of the AM process. These sections were then welded together and the completed hoop integrated into a chassis for testing.


  • The short lead times enabled the F1 team to swiftly take a new design concept through to manufacture and testing
  • Weight saving over castings due to more complex design

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