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Guides for automatic assembly line

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Guides for automatic assembly line
Benefit: Cost Saving
Main Forming Process: Metal Injection Moulding


This set of 3 parts is used in an automatic assembly line to mount electric connectors. Weighing between 4,63 and 7,25 grams, they replace conventional parts machined out of solid material. For the material a 100Cr6 alloy was selected, sintered to a density of
> 7,5 g/cm³. After heat treatment a hardness of 62 HRC was obtained. The metal injection moulding route allowed for a light, thin wall and more complex design, introducing rectangular and square holes. Compared to conventional machining operations production cost per part was reduced by a factor 40! Due to this substantial cost reduction the MIM production route is preferred even for small quantities (several 1000 sets per year).

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