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Heat Exchanger

Italian Institute of Technology
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Heat Exchanger
Benefit: Improved Performance
Main Forming Process: Additive Manufacturing
Material: Nickel


Heat exchanger designed within HELMETH FP7 Project, to operate at high temperature and under high pressure in a severely aggressive ambient (with H2 and O2). Each side of the heat exchanger has three channels and inside the channels longitudinal triangular fins have been inserted in order to act as fins for the enhancement of the heat transfer and in order to act as structural support for the plates. Each channel is sandwiched between two cold side channels and vice versa, except for the external ones.


  • Slightly improved performances with a global HTC of 50 [W/m2/°C] than traditional gas-gas counter-flow heat exchanger (10 and 40 [W/m2/°C])

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