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High Compression Jaw

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High Compression Jaw
Benefit: Cost Saving, Increased Component Complexity
Main Forming Process: Metal Injection Moulding
End Use Sector: Medical
Material: Ferrous


High compression jaw used in lapraoscopic vessel fusion. The jaw design has top of botton jaws, an anchor an I-bean. All four components are made from 17-4PH metal powder and as-sintered densities greater than 7.6 g/cm3. The parts have very thin walls and highly complex geometries,making then difficult to manufacture economically by any other technology. Top and bottom jaws pivot at the loves that provide the fullcrum for assembly. The cutting mechanism is mantained as the blade is advanced from proximal to the distal end of he jaw. The SurgRx system incorporates smart electro-technology in a high compression jaw design to provide rapid vessel fusion without thermal effects.

Component Specification

Density (g/cm3): 7.6

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