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HSS Profiled Broach

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HSS Profiled Broach
Benefit: Improved Performance
Main Forming Process: Hot Isostatic Pressing
End Use Sector: Aerospace, Cutting Tools, Engineering
Material: HSS

Process Steps: HIP forged rolled and machined


In aircraft engines, turbine blades must resist high temperatures and a centrifugal force of up to 18 tonnes. Therefore, blades are firmly retained on discs thanks to fir-tree profiled grooves. These profiled grooves are machined in the turbine disc through a broaching operation. Broaching is a critical machining operation where in which each tooth of the broach progressively removes some metal, to produce the final groove shape.


When cutting the new generations of difficult-to-machine superalloys and titanium alloys, ASP® material (PM HIP HSS) is an efficient solution to ensure a longer tool life and higher productivity of the broaching tools through less micro chipping.

Component Specification

Diameter (mm): 300
Hardness (HRC): 66

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