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KRAKEN - Special Light Milling Head

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University of West Bohemia, Regional Technological Institute
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KRAKEN - Special Light Milling Head
Benefit: Increased Component Complexity, Weight Saving
Main Forming Process: Additive Manufacturing
End Use Sector: Aerospace, Automotive, Cutting Tools, Engineering


This is a unique tool with specific industrial design features and a special frame structure which delivers more than 60% weight saving when compared to conventional tool construction. The advantages of additive manufacturing have been exploited to create an innovated internal cooling system thanks to which cutting fluid can be delivered not only onto the tool face but, above all, onto the tool flank. A modified cooling system outlet translates into higher cooling intensity on both surfaces of the tool. As a result, a 10-40% improvement in machining productivity can be achieved. The increase in the cutting edge life is 10-35%, depending on the work material. The frame structure and its key structural details provide stiffness and strength comparable with ordinary tools. The tool can serve as a general-purpose tool for conventional machining as well as for HSC and ultra-HSC processes.

Component Specification

Density (g/cm3): 8.1
Tensile Strength (MPa): 1160
Yield Strength (MPa): 1050
Hardness (HRC): 35-55

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