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Nozzle Holder Clamps

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Nozzle Holder Clamps
Benefit: Cost Saving, Increased Component Complexity
Main Forming Process: Conventional Processing
End Use Sector: Engineering
Material: Ferrous


The manufacturing method uses a sinter hardeing material to machine a green compact with generic press mould, and it is applied to the manufacturing of clamps and nozzle holders used in automobile engines. Although machining is performed after sintering for components with difficult die unloading shapes, it is difficult to machine materials with a high degree of hardness that are difficult to cut. A machining method with a high strength green compact using hot moulding and ressin additives was devised as an improvement, but there were cost issues. In this development, side holes with 0 20 were machined in generic green compact (with a density of 6.8 to 7.2 g/cm3) made of a sinter hardering material. Chips that usually occur on the punching side of the tool during normal machinig due to the low strength of the green compact were avoided by adopting a backup jig for machining. Since cracks occur using only the jig, stress on the backup was analysed usin FEM anlysis and a clamp was installed to compensate for the stress and control backup pressure, there by preventing cracks. As a result, the application of green machining for normal green compacts was realized through improvements to machining conditons and the jig, thus achieving an approximately 30% reduction costs compared to conventional methods.

Component Specification

Weight (g): 130

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