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Planetary Gear Set

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Planetary Gear Set
Benefit: Cost Saving, Increased Component Complexity
Main Forming Process: Conventional Processing
End Use Sector: Automotive
Material: Ferrous


Used in automatic latch system for hatch doors in minivans. Capstan manufactures seven P/M parts and assembles the product. The P/M parts include a carrier plate, four planetary pinions, a ring gear, and a spur sun gear. The company employs innovative tooling for the high precision involute gears menbers and sinterhardening for wear resistance and strength. Capstan also use a propietary plating proccess that does not require resin impregnation for porosity sealing and withstands a salt spray test of more than 200 hours. The planetary and ring gears are made to a density of 6.95 g/cm3 a have a tensile strength of 100,000 psi, and a yield strength of 90,000 psi. The spur sun gear has a tensile strength of 120,00 psi, a yield strength of 105,000 psi.

Component Specification

Weight (g): 150
Density (g/cm3): 6.95

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