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Shaper Cutter

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VBN Components
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Shaper Cutter
Benefit: Increased Component Complexity
Main Forming Process: Additive Manufacturing
End Use Sector: Cutting Tools
Material: Ferrous


To meet the large global need of new alloys for better performance, VBN Components has developed the world ́s hardest steel, Vibenite® 290. The company’s base in Powder Metallurgy Additive Manufacturing of wear resistant materials resulted in this new alloy. The properties are a unique combination of hardness and toughness, resulting in outermost abrasive and erosive resistance. In addition, a high cobalt content gives a very good hot hardness, leading to good performance in all applications of increased temperature.

Thanks to the additive manufacturing process, it can be used for any kind of component. VBN Components has developed a metal powder bed technique called AM-HSSTM (Additive Manufacturing High Speed Steel). This technique results in extremely fine microstructure and extremely low oxygen content for all grades in the Vibenite® series. The Vibenite® alloys are of course materials with 100% density.

Some application examples are metal cutting tools such as gear cutting hobs, power skiving cutters and shaper cutters. Other applications are erosion protection shields, wear parts, dry metal forming tools or applications with high rolling contact fatigue demands.

The example shown here is a shaper cutter. The major benefits of using Vibenite® AM- HSSTM when producing these are the heavily reduced needs for machining and eliminated needs of large high speed steel bar stocks in different dimensions. In earlier shaper cutter tests with the former top alloy Vibenite® 280, tool life time was doubled with double feed rates. We expect the results from Vibenite® 290 shaper cutters to heavily precede these fantastic numbers thanks to even higher hardness and heat resistance. Long running shaper cutter tests are on-going at some of the largest truck and construction machine companies in the world. In addition, the scrap when producing Vibenite® 290 is an absolute minimum. Due to the extremely efficient AM production, only approximately 0.5% scrap is generated. Without need for machining, no drilling, milling or turning scrap is produced. Only a final grinding is necessary. And when using the material, it will result in the most environmentally friendly factor of them all: a heavily increased tool or component performance and lifetime.

Component Specification

Tensile Strength (MPa): 4300000 (at full hardness)
Yield Strength (MPa): 4300000 (at full hardness)
Hardness (HRC): 72

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