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Sintered Bearings for Hydraulic Excavators

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Hitachi Chemical Co., Ltd (formerly Hitachi Powdered Metals Co., Ltd)
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Sintered Bearings for Hydraulic Excavators
Benefit: Cost Saving, Increased Component Complexity
Main Forming Process: Conventional Processing
End Use Sector: Engineering
Material: Bronze, Ferrous


Long Life Sintered Bearings for Hydraulic Excavators. Hard-Particles were added to the martensitic Fe-14~18Cu-C sintered material, and then were impregnated with hydro-carbon wax. The join bearings can be used under high load conditions. Carbon-steel bearings are conventionally used for the joints hydraulic excavators, the joints must be regularly greased and maintained because of suppressed scuffing and squeaking. Recently hydraulic excavator companies are desirous of longer intervals between greasing by using self-lubricating bearings. Hitachi Powdered Metals Co Ltd, considered the two following approaches to be important for achieving high seizure resistance under hight load conditions. First to employ high-seizure resistant bearings materials, and second to select and use lubricants for impregnation of high film stength to reduce occurrences of metal-to-metal contact between the bearings and the shafts. Hitachi Powdered Metals Co Ltd, evaluated the effects of the amounts of copper and hard particles added and the kind of lubricants used impregantion on the sliding performances of the Fe-Cu-C series sintered materials. The newly developed bearing have good lubricity and high wear resistance that extend the interval between greasing, far more than conventional carbon-steel bearing as a result, hydraulic excavators companies can now reduce maintenance time and costs.

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