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Sintered Oil-Impregnated Bearing Material

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Sintered Oil-Impregnated Bearing Material
Benefit: Improved Performance
Main Forming Process: Conventional Processing
End Use Sector: Consumer Goods
Material: Copper, Ferrous


By raising the impregnated oil content, a new Fe-Cu-Sn-Zn-based sinterd material is developed as spindle motor bearing material for high-performance CD,DVD, and LBP scanner. As the frequency of used increased, the durability and longevity of the bearing have also become very demanding. Although ball bearing and fluid bearing are often adopted, the cost and the noise issues of high-speed devices remainunsolved. This development carries out uniform distribution of minute pures detailed in material, and it reconciles high oil content and low permeability, securing the mechanical intensity that leads to de reliability. In addition, by upgrading the conventional lubricating oil, a new lubricant with low viscosity, high lubricity and least evaporativity has also been proposed. Consequently, an exceptional new bearing material is respect of cost, durability, and longevity for high-speed rotary applications has materialised.

Component Specification

Weight (g): 5-10

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