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SMC Loudspeaker Solution

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Sintex A/S
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SMC Loudspeaker Solution
Benefit: Improved Performance, Increased Component Complexity
Main Forming Process: Conventional Processing
End Use Sector: Consumer Goods


Soft magnetic composites in loudspeakers were new when Sintex and our business partner began the joint cooperation. SMC was, however, an obvious solution as it is attractive in applications that require low losses – in particular at high frequencies, as the advantages of SMC increase with the magnetic frequency. At frequencies above 200 Hz SMC has lower losses, which in turn has benefits in terms of maximum rated power, running costs and the environment. Sintex and DALI has thus designed a speaker system in which the measurable third harmonic distortion components are reduced by no less than 20 dB compared to units operating with traditional magnetic systems. The loudspeaker is therefore a speaker with a relatively high sensitivity that represents a light and uncomplicated load for the amplifier.

Component Specification

Density (g/cm3): 7.45

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