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Training and Education

The EPMA recognises the importance of Training and Education, with significant effort dedicated to continuing these activities for the benefit of the future PM Industry.



Thanks to the unique combination of high level industrial specialists and academics these seminars (formerly 'EPMA Short Course') provide unrivalled insights into the practical capabilities and applications of powder metallurgy (PM) process.

Developed from the work of its European Powder Metallurgy Institutes (EPMI), the EPMA has used its international connections and unique role within the European PM Supply chain to provide a most successful educational activity.


PM Life

PM Life is a training programme to help develop the future of Powder Metallurgy and help provide a comprehensive training course to those looking for a related career.

The course will offer participants the chance to either attend the full programme to learn about the whole industry or pick specific modules to help further their knowledge in certain areas.

The course offers five weeks training and an optional internship covering five strands:

  • Powder and Hard Metals
  • Press & Sinter
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Metal Injection Moulding
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing

To find out more or to register, please visit

Download the PM Life 2021 Flyer Here

Design for PM HomepageDesign for PM is a FREE e-learning training course for industrial designers and engineers. It will enable them to design superior components/products to be manufactured using the powder metallurgy (PM) production process. The online courses cover the Conventional PM, Hard Materials and Metal Injection Moulding sectors.

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