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The WINTEREVs are series of themed meetings organised by the European Hard Materials Group (EuroHM) of the European Powder Metals Association (EPMA). The aim is to bring together experts in a particular theme for in-depth discussion of technical issues at a precompetitive level. WINTEREV objectives target technical issues through workshops focusing on an area of importance to both research and industrial communities. Each meeting aims to review research objectives in the light of industry requirements. Where appropriate, standards activities are included in the review. The topics for debate are sought through questionnaires and other consultation exercises.

In the first few WINTEREVs delegates initially met in the late afternoon to introduce themselves and discuss the agenda and objectives before a social dinner. The second day consisted of a range of presentations setting the context, discussing research issues, looking at new developments and debating potential EuroHM proposal for new collaborative research. In later WINTEREVs the format was changed to meet at lunch on day 1; have technical sessions in the afternoon, followed by a dinner. More lectures/discussions took precedence on the morning of the second day. The meetings generally finished with lunch and an optional tour of the host facilities.

At the start of each meeting the EPMA Technical Director summarises the activities of the European Hard Materials Group, taking into account the latest input from EPMA in other sectoral groups. The meetings usually close with a short discussion re subsequent WINTEREVs and suggestions for ideas on location and topics. It was agreed that it is important to hold them at EuroHM Centres of Excellence, but that consideration of 18 month intervals with alternate SUMMEREVs and WINTEREVs would bear consideration. There are no written proceedings for WINTEREVs but a set of powerpoint presentations are made available electronically to participants.

Date PlaceHostThemeAttendance
2004: 27 February Teddington, UK NPL Toughness Tests 16
2005: 25 February Barcelona, Spain UPC Powder Characterisation 17
2006: 24 February Dresden, Germany  Fraunhofer IWS Property Maps/ Near Surface Characterisation 17
2007: 23 February San Sebastian, Spain  CEIT Coatings 17
2009: 20 February Vienna, Austria  T-U Wien Binder Phase Characterisation 25
2010: 17 - 18 June Teddington, UK NPL Fracture, Fatigue and Damage Characterisation – I 23
2012: 1 - 2 March San Sebastian, Spain  CEIT  Fracture, Fatigue and Damage Characterisation – II 21
2013: 17 - 18 October Barcelona, Spain  UPC Fracture, Fatigue and Damage Characterisation – III 42
2015: 9 - 10 April Harwell, Oxford, UK  Element Six  Superhard Materials 48
2016: 16 - 17 June Schaan, Liechtenstein Hilti Characterisation of Hardmetals and Superhard Materials 38
2018: 7 - 8 June Stockholm, Sweden KTH Heterogeneity in Hardmetals and Superhard Materials 35
2021 / 2022: TBC Aachen, Germany RWTH Aachen Binder Phases in Composite Hard Materials  
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