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Laser micromachining encompasses all laser processes utilized in fabricating extremely fine and/or small structures. Achieving micrometer-scale precision and accuracy is crucial to produce the desired structures and ensure their functionality. These applications span across various materials including metals, semiconductors, glass, and polymers.

In recent years, there has been a remarkable surge in the number of industries and applications adopting laser micromachining. End-users now demand increasingly higher throughput and precision, necessitating new advancements in laser sources and workstation components. These include ultra-short-pulsed lasers, mid-IR wavelengths, scanners, robots, movement stages, software, and integration solutions. Process monitoring is also gaining significance to enable in-line control of the laser process and ensure the quality of manufactured parts.

We extend an invitation to the entire supply chain to showcase new developments in laser micromachining, engage in discussions regarding the needs of system integrators and end-users, and explore how photonics can help overcome the remaining challenges.

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