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Peter Brewin Poster Award

This new award from the EPMA was introduced on 2014 to celebrate the contribution made over many years by Dr Peter Brewin to the Association, both on its Board and Council, as well as his successful period as Technical Director from 2001 - 2007. At the same time it will form an important and public recognition of the contribution made by poster authors to the EPMA's annual Euro PM Congress, being the largest and most prestigious Powder Metallurgy specific congress in Europe. Peter Brewin remains a key supporter of the EPMA.

The award winners, who, in the opinion of an independent panel of three judges, submitted and displayed the best overall poster at the event, receive a plaque and an honorarium of €250.

2022 Winner

The Peter Brewin Poster Award for 2022 was presented to Lang Roman of Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany, for his poster entitled "Grinding Behaviour Of Metal-bonded Diamond Grinding Wheels With An Additive Of Chromium As A Carbide-forming Element".


2021 Winner

The Peter Brewin Poster Award for 2021 was presented to Mr Adrien Mouchard of University of Limerick, Ireland, for his poster entitled "Effect Of Gas Flow Rates On Powder Stream Characteristics And Their Potential Consequences On Alloy Deposition From Coaxial Nozzles".


2019 Winner

The Peter Brewin Poster Award for 2019 was presented to Dr Olivier Dugauguez of CRITT-MDTS, France, for his poster entitled "Elaboration by PIM of Porous Bioceramincs for Bone Regeneration".


2018 Winner

The Peter Brewin Poster Award for 2018 was presented to Dr Ing Ali Aidibe of École de technologie supérieure, Canada, for his poster entitled "A Novel Industrial Test Artifact for the Evaluation of Dimensional Capabilities of Metallic Additive Manufacturing Systems".


2017 Winner

The Peter Brewin Poster Award for 2017 was presented to Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Limberg of Hemholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Germany, for his poster entitled "Enhancement of Fatigue-properties of MIM-processed Ti-6Al-4V by Addition of Yttrium and Characterization by In Situ X-ray Scattering".


2015 Winner

The winner of the Peter Brewin Poster Award for 2015 was Dr Josefine Hall of Dalarna University, Sweden, for her paper "Influence of Microstructure and Hard Phase Content on the Mechanisms of Deformation and Wear of HIP'ed Stellite® 190 Composites".


2014 Winner

The Peter Brewin Poster Award for 2014 was presented to Mr Tomas Berglund and Mr Martin Östlund of Sandvik Powder Solutions, Sweden for their poster entitled "Design of PM HIP Quad Metal Exhaust Valve Spindle Prototypes".

Peter Brewin states "It is very good to know that the prize has been awarded for the first time and that the winner is of such a high standard".

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