Project No: 101138144 — HORIZON-CL4-2023-RESILIENCE-01

Recycling of High Quality CRM Resources from Machining Tools for Re-use Applications

RESQTOOL offers a sustainable and energy efficient solution for recycling and responsible supply of Critical Raw Materials (Co, W, Ta, Ti, Nb) from EoL products in Hard Metal industries of metal/wood cutting, construction and tool manufacturing by lowering the carbon footprint and energy consumption of Zinc reclaim process and developing advanced hydro- and solvo-metallurgical bio-chemical recycling based on agro-industrial waste

RESQTOOL explores the potentials of Zinc Reclaim and Bio-chemical Recycling processes in the complete value chain of Hard Metals to offer a responsible, circular and sustainable supply of Critical Raw Materials in Europe together with a contribution to EU Climate neutrality objectives.

The project also demonstrates within 4 years the capability of these two complementary processes to re-use and recover Critical Raw Materials in all stages of the Hard Metals value chain ranging from collection, logistics, sorting and separation to cleaning, refining and purification of materials. Demonstrating an approach towards zero waste manufacturing by means of energy and resource efficiency, and by a validation using real parts from the HM industry, the project will go beyond the state-of-the-art in terms of maturity (from TRL 5 to 8) and hence contribute to the European Green Deal.

  • 12 Participants from Industry & Academia
  • Coordinator: EPMA
  • Total Budget: 8,831,968 €
  • Duration: 4 Years

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