Mr Jim Shipley (Quintus Technologies)


Dr Ing Anke Kaletsch (RWTH Aachen University)


EuroHIP Steering Group

There are two co-chairs of the group: James Shipley of Quintus Technologies, Sweden and Dr. Anke Kaletsch of RWTH Aachen University, Germany. They coordinate activities in several areas including: Promotion Activities, Research & Technology Development, Training and Standardisation plus Conferences & Workshops. In addition to the two co-chairs, the Steering Group of the EuroHIP also includes Iain Dandy of MTC Powder Solutions, Sweden and Dr. Thomas Weißgärber of Fraunhofer IKTS.

The EuroHIP is a sectoral group within the EPMA that was formed in November 2009 as a result of a desire from the European HIP sector to work together to develop and promote the sector within the framework of the EPMA. The group will involve companies and research organisations from all parts of the PM HIP supply chain.

The objectives of the group are fourfold:

  • To increase the awareness of the PM HIP technology, with a special but not exclusive focus on semi finished, Near Net Shape, as-HIPed and compound PM products.
  • To enable the benefits of joint action for example through research programmes, benchmarking and exchange of statistics
  • To improve the understanding of the benefits of PM HIP technology by end users, designers, mechanical engineers, metallurgists and students
  • To assist in the development of International standards for the PM HIP Sector

There are two co chairmen of the group and initially its activities will be concentrated into the following areas.

  • Promotion – Development of a PM HIP Guide & EPMA Website Development
  • Organisation of HIP Workshops (at PM2010 and onwards)
  • Seeking to initiate R&D Programmes
  • Standardization work

More details about the group and its activities can be obtained from the EPMA Secretariat.

More details about the group and its activities can be obtained from the EPMA Secretariat and Kenan BOZ