Sweden’s Höganäs AB reports that its Somaloy 5P has become the company’s first metal powder to undergo a carbon footprint assessment by an independent third party.

The qualification is said to be in accordance with the ISO 14067:2018 standard for measuring the carbon footprint of products.

“The external verification assures Höganäs’ credibility when it comes to providing carbon footprint studies for specific products,” stated Sofia Poulikidou, LCA specialist at Group Sustainability in Höganäs.

Somaloy is a Soft Magnetic Composite (SMC) powder, said to offer unique 3D flux properties. The Somaloy materials are developed for component manufacturing of electromagnetic applications, providing high performance and low losses.

Höganäs is now actively working to provide carbon footprint studies for a wide range of its products.

“This will support our customers in their sustainability and climate ambitions which in turn will support them in meeting their customers’ demands. Customers can use the results to further improve product and production development processes to decrease their climate impact,” Poulikidou explained.

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