The 2024 CLEPA General Assembly, held in Warsaw, welcomed more than 100 participants, representing 11 national associations and 80 corporate and associate members to discuss the future of the automotive industry in Poland, and across the EU.

The Assembly was inaugurated by Mr. Matthias Zink, CEO Automotive Technologies at Schaeffler and President of CLEPA, who emphasised the industry’s pivotal role in transforming European mobility, and the challenges and opportunities the transition presents.

“In today’s political climate, dialogue is crucial for progress. As we look globally, America promotes, China strategically plans, and Europe regulates. CLEPA has consistently advocated for policies to shape the transition in a way that supports competitiveness. Poland, with its remarkable growth as the seventh-largest exporter of vehicle parts and components, plays a key role in this journey. Our collective efforts and broader collaboration will be crucial to ensure a competitive and green future for Europe’s automotive industry.”

CLEPA Secretary General, Mr. Benjamin Krieger, saw the approval of the association’s membership composition and annual accounts. He also outlined the achievements of the association over the last year and reaffirmed the industry’s commitment to Europe’s twin transition.

“Europe is at a turning point driven by the transition and increased global competition. Automotive suppliers are at the forefront of innovation, developing the components and solutions for clean vehicles that will propel Europe’s transition to greener and smarter transportation. Our expertise puts us in a unique position to shape this shift in a way that also bolsters competitiveness and drives growth.”

The two-day programme also featured prominent speakers including Minister Krzysztof Bolesta, Secretary of State from Poland’s Ministry of Climate and Environment, who emphasised three priorities of climate action, competitiveness and the need for a strategic vision.

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