The objective of the project is to answer detected customer demands by introducing high added value Austenitic Ni-Free Stainless Steel (ANFSS) as an alternative to Ti-, CoCr- and 316L -alloys typically used in consumer and healthcare applications. Eco-design principles together with Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Powder Metallurgy (PM) routes are utilized in the whole production chain, considering the life cycle management of the produced components. Nitrogen alloyed ANFSS alloy with a nominal composition of Fe-14Cr-16Mn-N offers remarkable savings in CO2 emission connected to even 80% lower embodied energy of the ANFSS alloy compared to titanium. The project approach to transfer high purity stainless steel side streams to the new raw material inventory of ANFSS will increase CO2 savings further.

The flexibility of gas atomization together with a large variety of different AM and PM consolidation technologies allows ease tailoring of end-product properties. To be able to meet the demands of different applications questionary is established to collect a wider perspective on needs of manufacturers and end-users.

The full project proposal can be found here: EIT HiPAM

The consortium is also looking for feedback on the use and need of Austenitic Ni-Free Stainless Steel (ANFSS)  and for this they set a survey:

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