MTC Powder Solutions (MTC PS), Surahammar, Sweden, has announced its investment in a third Hot Isostatic Press (HIP). The new machine will be installed alongside MTC PS’ new large HIP unit in the factory currently under construction in Sweden.

This follows on from the announcement of an investment of the second largest HIP unit in the Metal Technology Co. Ltd (MTC) Group. MTC PS’ third HIP unit will extend the capacity and offerings further to meet the increased demand from multiple industries.

“Having three HIP units on the same site will not only increase capacity significantly but also increase our flexibility as we will be able to run multiple HIP cycles in parallel shortening lead times to our customers,” commented Jimmy Bovin, Sales & Marketing Manager MTC PS.

The investment is one part of the larger project called SHIN, which looks to expand the HIP offering significantly in Europe for demanding markets, such as Aerospace, Defence, Nuclear, Renewables, Big Science, and Small Modular Reactors.

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