Siemens Digital Industries Software, in collaboration with KU Leuven, has launched the Digital Twin for Smart and Sustainable Products Chair in an effort to promote methodological research, stimulate innovations in industrial applications, disseminate results and support educational activities within the field of digital twin technologies.

“Siemens is donating the chair in honour of KU Leuven’s 600th anniversary in 2025, highlighting a long-standing partnership that has fostered industrial innovation and academic excellence,” said Jean-Claude Ercolanelli, Senior Vice President, Simulation and Test Solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software. “With the new Siemens Chair, we are set to explore the frontiers of digital twin technologies, promising to bring revolutionary solutions to real-world challenges. This initiative underscores a mutual commitment to advancing technological and educational boundaries for a more sustainable world.”

The chair will focus on industrial electromechanical systems applications, machinery and drives, and recent developments in transport vehicles. The goal is for the chair to develop solutions for various societal, industrial and technological challenges through interdisciplinary collaboration and specific partnerships. The position will also work to support knowledge dissemination about Digital Twin methodologies and aim to inspire future leaders by offering new application possibilities.

“With this chair, we can further strengthen the ecosystem around developing and using Digital Twin in the manufacturing industry. Through these Digital Twin technologies, we can ensure that mechatronic products are designed, deployed, and managed more effectively,” said Professor Frank Naets, chairholder, KU Leuven.

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